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Helping Children become Productive Citizens

All of our donations are used to provide children and families with the physiological needs such as food, water, clothing, shelter and utilities. Your donations allow us to provide children with a sense of hope, a good learning experience, and ensures that all can perform well in school.

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 Lucian Hunter 

Foundation of Hope

Lucian Hunter Foundation of Hope was founded in honor of my

Great- grandfather,  3 of his sons 

Clarence, Earl, Chester and their contribution to the Virginia Public School System.  Education was very important to them and providing a way for students to recieve that education was Lucian main goal.  We  believe that all children should be able to attend school without the worries of the basic physiological needs. Therefore our main goal is to ensure all children are able to arrive and depart safely and while there  defy all odds and prosper no matter their situation or environment. 

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Recent Activities

Christmas Time

Creating memories with Santa 


Santa time

Spending time with Santa and the kids. 



Lucian Hunter being honored at the Virginia Black History Museum 


Geting ready for kiddos

Christmas Celebration 


Marker Dedication

Lucian Hunter Dedication 


Activities 4 kids

Face Painting Fun!

Recent Activities

Christmas Time

Stellar Bus Driver Award Ceremony

Awards for Bus Drivers 

New Foundation Logo

Getting sharp for school

Community Outreach


Saving Lives. Building Futures.

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